Singer Set To Show ‘TUV-approved’ 911 Commission And Drive ‘DLS’ Mule At 2020 GP Ice Race In Austria

By Author: admin, Date: Jan 28, 2020

Singer Heads to Europe to Support Porsche Gathering as Iconic Event Reconvenes for 2nd Year

ZELL AM SEEAustria – January 28, 2020 – Singer will bring a development mule from its Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) to the 2020 GP Ice Race in Austria, February 1-2. The car, with its 500hp, naturally aspirated, 4-valve, air-cooled flat-six, is a veteran of Singer’s test program over the past few years.

In support of the brand’s fellow Californians at Luftgekuhlt and with ice-driving specialist Richard Tuthill behind the wheel, the ‘DLS’ mule will take part in demonstration drives on the ice track during the modern interpretation of this historic event. Joining the ‘DLS’ demonstration will be a static showing of a TÜV-approved, German road-registered Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer, known as the ‘Wiesbaden’ commission. (Photos and video of Singer’s DLS Mule can be found here – )

Notes Rob Dickinson, Singer’s founder and executive chairman, “Singer’s mission is a relentless pursuit of the excellence that lies within our chosen subject matter. We’re fascinated by making something as good as it can be and driven by the concept of presenting definitive visions.

For 10 years, as our first act, we have enhanced and optimized the air-cooled Porsche 911 in this way. It’s essential that our work is available to drivers and enthusiasts in Germany and Austria – countries with such significance for Porsche and in turn for Singer. This is where the story of the 911 began, so ensuring that owners here are able to secure the demanding TÜV approval is an integral part of that definitive vision we pursue.

Our second act, The Dynamics & Lightweighting Study has resulted in the unique four-valve per cylinder, air-cooled flat-six, a bookend to the evolution of that iconic engine. We thought there was no better way to present this engine than by asking Richard to use it to drive the Mule around sideways.”

Following extensive and careful preparation, TÜV approval for Porsche 911s restored by Singer has been available to their owners for more than 18 months now. This significant achievement brings along opportunities for the Singer philosophy to continue its global growth.

From the first US left-hand drive coupe restored a decade ago, the variety of Porsche 911s Reimagined by Singer have come to encompass both coupes and Targas in either LHD or RHD with 2WD or 4WD drivetrains. On the road in more than 30 countries, all are the result of Singer’s responses to the requirements of its clients.

Singer’s ‘Special Wishes’ department has for several years now offered owners the chance to incorporate particularly high levels of bespoke engineering into their pursuit of a personal vision for air-cooled Porsche 911 reborn.

During next weekend’s GP Ice Race, attendees will have the chance to see and hear Singer’s most powerful and lightweight creation to date, as rally driver and circuit racer Richard Tuthill takes out the brand’s DLS Mule on ice. The vehicle is a stalwart of worldwide testing that will lead to the first customer DLS commission which will appear this Summer. Tuthill has been part of Singer’s performance testing team over the past several years, performing both hot and cold-winter testing on tracks in both the U.S. and abroad.

The company’s Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS), a pursuit of the most advanced air-cooled 911 in the world, will be limited to only 75 restorations, all based on the Type 964 Porsche 911. The results of the study include a technical partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering in the UK, which developed the 500hp flat six that lies at the heart of the car.