Auto Exotica magazine is published quarterly throughout the year and focuses on high-performance vehicles. If it was a performance car when it came out, then it is fair game. With reviews that span twenty pages, Auto Exotica dives into the character of each presented vehicle along with showcasing them through award-winning photography.

As part of the We Are Motor Driven group, Auto Exotica also publishes automotive reviews on YouTube and additional reviews on this website.

But the pinnacle of Auto Exotica, is Auto Exotica TV which airs on PBS and streams on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox. Auto Exotica TV is a fast-paced television series that brings viewers along for the ride in some of the most exciting cars ever made. Presented in a down-to-Earth manner, the hosts share their opinions of some of the most exciting vehicles ever created.

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