New Jaguar F-PACE SVR: Performance SUV is faster, more luxurious and more refined than ever

By Author: admin, Date: Dec 02, 2020
  • Introducing new F-PACE SVR: New pinnacle of the performance SUV range is quicker off the line and even more agile, features the latest dynamic exterior design and a more luxurious and refined interior finish
  • Pinnacle of performance: Jaguar’s 550PS 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged petrol engine features a revised torque curve that raises peak output to 700Nm and powers F-PACE SVR to a higher 178mph top speed, with lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency
  • Quick off the mark: Heightened torque output and new Dynamic Launch function cut 0-60mph time by three-tenths of a second to just 3.8 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds)
  • Enhanced dynamics: New steering rack with SV calibration and retuned dampers deliver a more connected driving experience with enhanced ride refinement
  • Uprated braking: Improved cooling and pads deliver enhanced brake performance, while new Integrated Power Booster and retuned pedal feel provide added driver confidence
  • Race-inspired exterior: New front bodywork influenced by SV’s significant motorsport experience reduces lift by 35 per cent, lowers drag and amplifies F-PACE’s assertive stance
  • Luxurious sports interior: All-new crafted interior features selection of exclusive performance-focused materials for a luxurious and sporting cabin environment
  • Always connected: Technologies include Jaguar’s latest Pivi Pro dual-sim infotainment accessed through an all-new 11.4-inch HD curved glass touchscreen
  • Always up-to-date: Software-Over-The-Air capability ensures latest vehicle systems and infotainment are installed seamlessly and remotely
  • Available to order: New Jaguar F-PACE SVR is priced from £77,595 OTR in the UK. Build your perfect Jaguar F-PACE SVR at

2 December 2020, Fen End, UK: Sitting at the pinnacle of the Jaguar performance SUV range, the new F-PACE SVR is faster than ever and features motorsport-inspired exterior design, a luxurious interior and the latest connected technologies.

Jaguar SV has refined the F-PACE flagship with a range of enhancements, providing sharper responses and heightened composure to accompany the latest Pivi Pro infotainment and connectivity technologies available across the rest of the performance SUV line-up.

Michael van der Sande, Managing Director, Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations, said:“The original F-PACE SVR was incredibly characterful, well received by our customers and has gone on to become the highest-selling Jaguar SV product ever. The new version builds on this success, by making numerous detailed improvements that combine to raise the bar in the high-performance SUV segment. With a wide range of technological enhancements from our team of expert engineers and a comprehensively improved exterior and interior finish, the new F-PACE SVR is more focused, inspires more confidence and is even more captivating than ever before.”

Pinnacle of performance
The new F-PACE SVR is available exclusively with Jaguar’s 550PS 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged petrol engine, now with 700Nm torque – an increase of 20Nm. This uplift in torque delivers enhanced performance, with the F-PACE SVR capable of 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds), three-tenths of a second faster than before, and a top speed of 178mph (286km/h), an increase of 2mph. The powertrain now features the same torque converter used in the record-breaking Jaguar XE SV Project 8 sedan, to withstand the higher loads produced. As well as the improved torque and acceleration, CO2 emissions are also reduced from 281g/km to 275g/km with fuel economy now up to 23.1mpg (12.2l/100km)**.

Enabled by Jaguar’s advanced new Electronic Vehicle Architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, the transmission and dynamics systems have also benefitted from incremental tweaks. The uprated Dynamic mode features unique tuning, delivering a focused and honed driving experience. Jaguar SV’s engineers have recalibrated the software to provide sharper throttle response, stiffen the suspension set up, optimise steering weighting and enhance the exhaust mapping. A new Dynamic Launch feature also uses driveline inertia to maintain power to the wheels during gear changes, contributing to the SVR’s sharper acceleration from a standstill. At the same time, F-PACE SVR is now more comfortable and enjoyable to drive at a relaxed pace, without compromising its high-speed dynamics, further underlining the new model’s duality of purpose.

The steering system is enhanced with a new electronic power-assistance system delivering greater immediacy, providing a heightened connection between the vehicle and driver. There is a more defined difference to the steering feel between Comfort and Dynamic modes, to give these settings more focus.

Modified tuning of the adaptive damping provides a more refined ride at low speeds, which is further improved by revised chassis bushes. This tuning change has again allowed for greater definition of the ride between Comfort and Dynamic drive settings, demonstrating the F-PACE SVR’s dual capabilities as a luxurious and refined SUV with exceptional performance available in an instant.

Drivers also benefit from improved brake feel in the new F-PACE SVR. The 395mm (front) and 396mm (rear) two-piece disc brakes are now supported by a new Integrated Power Booster which, along with a recalibration of the system, delivers a sportier and shorter brake pedal. This tuning is specific to the SVR performance flagship, while the brake system uses an electric booster, rather than a vacuum system. The improved cooling and aerodynamics of the vehicle also improve the performance of the brakes, giving the driver even greater confidence.

The 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged petrol engine is paired with Jaguar’s ultra-responsive, smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission which delivers rapid gearshifts for effortless performance, while adapting the way power is delivered to suit the driving situations.

Paul Barritt, F-PACE SVR Chief Programme Engineer, Jaguar SV, said:“As a team, we’re incredibly proud of the F-PACE SVR, so trying to improve on the original was always going to be a difficult task. The move to Jaguar’s new Electrical Vehicle Architecture gave us the opportunity revisit the calibration of every single component, so we took the chance to fine-tune the driving experience to make it feel even more focused and even more refined. Those thousands of detail changes take the F-PACE SVR to the next level.”

Jaguar’s All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is fitted as standard. The technology has a rear-wheel drive bias for enhanced driver engagement and performance, with predictive and reactive software that can distribute torque to the front and rear axles independently, and almost instantly, to provide greater control and stability in low traction conditions. The retuned rear Electronic Active Differential delivers enhanced performance and greater confidence when required.

Adaptive Dynamics suspension technology ensures a precise, dynamic set-up coupled with a supple ride. In order to achieve this, the technology constantly analyses acceleration, steering, throttle and brake pedal inputs. Height sensors at each corner of the vehicle measure the vertical body movement, roll and pitch 100 times a second, while steering inputs are measured 500 times a second. Adaptive Dynamics uses these inputs to continually adjust the damper stiffness to maximise comfort and control.

Configurable Dynamics provides enhanced driver appeal by enabling the driver to set up the vehicle to suit their personal preferences, with a choice of Comfort or Dynamic settings applied to the throttle mapping, gear shift points, steering effort and suspension. A stopwatch, G-Meter and pedal graph also help the driver to monitor performance in Dynamic mode while Adaptive Dynamics continuously adjusts the dampers for enhanced comfort and refinement depending on road and driving conditions.

The new F-PACE chassis now supports the introduction of the latest JaguarDrive Control and new Auto Vehicle Hold function. JaguarDrive Control features Comfort, Eco, Rain-Ice-Snow and Dynamic modes, which can be chosen manually by the driver based on the road conditions. The settings, selected through a new rotary dial next to the all-new Drive Selector, optimise the F-PACE SVR’s steering, transmission, throttle and (when specified) Adaptive Dynamics settings accordingly.

Auto Vehicle Hold provides added convenience and smoother operation than conventional Automatic Hill Hold. The new technology holds the brakes for an unlimited period of time when stationary on a gradient, only releasing the brakes when the driver depresses the accelerator to drive away.

Purposeful race-inspired exterior
The design of the new F-PACE SVR is inspired by SV’s motorsport experience, with enhanced airflow and aerodynamic benefits delivered through new apertures and vents for improved powertrain and brake cooling. The changes deliver superior aerodynamic performance including 35 per cent reduced lift and drag reduced from 0.37Cd to 0.36Cd. As well as the performance enhancements, these elements also provide a more purposeful aesthetic.

Surrounding the new SVR-badged grille, the revised bumper design features X-shape and blade-like elements intersecting the lower side air vents and intakes. An enlarged lower intake improves airflow, to cool the F-PACE SVR’s 550PS powertrain. While the new-look design delivers performance benefits, it also provides a more athletic appearance by visually lowering the front of the vehicle.

The larger aperture is framed by enlarged side vents, which help to direct air to the wheelarches for enhanced brake cooling. The openings are finished with a grille mesh design inspired by the record-breaking Jaguar XE SV Project 8, reflecting the lineage of high-performance Jaguar SV models. A new stretched diagonal blade element feeds further airflow to the brakes and engine, and adds to the dynamic stature of the vehicle, giving the F-PACE SVR a wider and lower stance.

New diagonal blades below the lower bumper, shaped in partnership with the SV aerodynamics team, ensure every design detail has a functional purpose, while also helping to visually plant the F-PACE SVR closer to the road.

The super-slim all-LED quad headlights with ‘Double J’ Daytime Running Light (DRL) signatures are available with optional Pixel LED technology* and deliver increased resolution and brightness. Adaptive Driving Beam capability* evaluates the road ahead and automatically adapts the high beam light to mask oncoming traffic or traffic signs, the system can create varying light beam patterns by selecting different LED segments to optimise visibility and minimise risk of distracting other drivers.

The new front-end design is finished by a longer bonnet design which features a wider power bulge flanked by air vents to help extract hot air from the engine bay.

New slimline rear lights feature Jaguar’s trademark double chicane graphic – first seen on the all-electric I-PACE – which accentuate the width of the vehicle. The new look is completed with the addition of the updated SVR logo, while quad tailpipes feature in the lower bumper, giving a visual reminder of the performance potential on offer.

The new F-PACE SVR is also available with a new 22-inch forged alloy wheel design. The five-spoke design is finished in Gloss Black with Satin Grey inserts, with the grey tone matching other exterior finishes on elements such as the side air vents and wheel arch trim, for a stealth-like appearance. This is all finished off with the new SVR logo printed on the wheel.

Precision crafted interior
The interior of the new F-PACE SVR is comprehensively redesigned, with materials enhanced to heighten the dynamic character of the revised cabin and its controls.

Seat and door inserts are finished in Alcantara, with elements such as the central cubby and leather midroll wrapped in luxurious Windsor leather. The 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display is wrapped in Alcantara with ebony stitching, while aluminium patterned finishers feature as standard with open-pore carbon fibre available as an option.

Optional slimline semi-aniline leather sports seats with heritage logo-inspired diamond embroidery across the front shoulder section, feature a unique perforation across the backrest, while the same pattern is used on the leather on the seatbacks An embossed SVR logo on the headrests adds a final flourish.

Jaguar’s new Drive Selector has a more performance-focused feel for the F-PACE SVR, finished in dimpled leather with heritage logo-inspired detailing and debossed SVR logo underlining the new model’s attention to detail. The outer rim of the bespoke SVR split-rim steering wheel wears the same leather finish, while the inside of the wheel features a unique Mars Red SVR stitch detail. Tactile zinc-alloy shift paddles provide heightened driver engagement when making manual gear changes.

Beside the Drive Selector sits the Start button and a new metallic rotary dial – for the JaguarDrive Control settings – which features knurled edging for a premium look and feel.

At the heart of the precision crafted and luxurious interior, with its new sporty centre console, incorporating an optional wireless device charger and improved console stowage, is the seamlessly integrated centrally-mounted 11.4-inch curved-glass HD touchscreen, which sits within an elegant magnesium alloy casing and provides access to the intuitive new Pivi Pro infotainment.

A series of advanced technologies ensure the health and wellbeing of all occupants. Cabin Air Ionisation improves interior air quality through Nanoe technology, which removes allergens and unpleasant odours. The system now also features PM2.5 filtration, which captures ultra-fine particles to improve occupant health and wellbeing. Customers activate the system simply by pressing the ‘Purify’ button within the infotainment.

Cutting-edge connected technologies
The new F-PACE SVR features Jaguar’s advanced Electronic Vehicle Architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, which supports a range of new technologies to ensure the future-ready vehicle is connected and up to date.

The latest Pivi Pro infotainment technology is accessed through the all-new 11.4-inch curved glass HD touchscreen. Key benefits include enhanced clarity – the display is three times brighter and 48% larger – and the simplified menu structures allow drivers to access or view up to 90 per cent of common tasks from the homescreen in two taps or less.

To help drivers access vital information quickly, new F-PACE SVR also features a new 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display with enhanced SV-specific graphics and a configurable layout which can show full-screen navigation mapping with turn-by-turn instructions, digital dials, media, contact list or infotainment details. Working in conjunction with optional Head-up Display technology, new F-PACE SVR gives drivers all the information they need with minimal distraction.

To enable instantaneous start-up, Pivi Pro has a dedicated power source, so it’s ready to use as soon as customers get behind the wheel. The intuitive new infotainment system features Apple CarPlay® as standard and allows customers to connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. Android Auto™ is also available as standard depending on market applicability.

Optional wireless device charging with phone signal booster allows occupants to fast charge their compatible smartphone. The system also provides clearer calls through the help of an external aerial.

The collection of new convenience technologies includes Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) capability, which ensures the performance SUV is always using the latest software. The technology means that owners don’t have to visit retailers to receive software updates for the vehicle.

Pivi Pro connectivity is provided by the latest embedded dual-sim technology with two LTE modems enabling the system to carry out multiple functions at the same time, such as streaming media and downloading SOTA updates, without compromising performance. The cutting-edge connectivity also ensures minimal interruptions caused by coverage blackspots as it roams across network providers for the strongest signal.

Segment-first Active Road Noise Cancellation technology constantly monitors vibrations from the road surface and calculates the opposite phase soundwave needed to remove the sound from the cabin. This delivers a more refined cabin.

For enhanced convenience, an updated, second-generation wearable Activity Key can be used to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without the need for the conventional key fob to be present in the vehicle. The rechargeable device incorporates a watch and has a battery life of up to seven days between charges.

Security is enhanced by the new Guardian Mode (UK only), which uses a timer to provide added security and peace of mind when using the Secure app. It allows customers to identify times when the vehicle will be inactive, for example through the night, and receive alerts to their smartphone if it is driven during this window – giving immediate warning of unauthorised movements.

The new F-PACE SVR also benefits from a selection of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This includes Clear Exit Monitor, which alerts both front and rear occupants to the presence of an approaching car or cyclist when exiting the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front.

Jaguar’s latest 3D Surround Camera technology delivers advanced 3D functionality using the latest camera technology to deliver more detail and a choice of real-time viewing when manoeuvring the vehicle. The selection of settings include Junction View, 3D Perspective View, and ClearSight Plan View.

*Excluding North American Specification
**All emissions and fuel economy figures are EU – WLTP (TEH) Combined
Note: The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. CO
2 and fuel economy figures may vary according to factors such as driving styles, environmental conditions, load, wheel fitment and accessories fitted.

Specifications, options and availability may vary between markets and this release should therefore be amended and tailored as appropriate.

Jaguar Land Rover is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles, parts and accessories and alterations take place continually. Whilst every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this document should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications or availability, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle, part or accessory. All figures are manufacturer’s estimates.


Jaguar F-PACE SVR 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged
Engine type V8 Supercharged, 32-valve, electronic control, direct injection
Engine capacity (cc) 5,000
Bore/ stroke (mm) 92.5/ 93
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Max power PS (kW) 550 (405)
Max torque Nm (lb ft) 700 (516)
Transmission ZF (8HP70) 8-speed automatic
All-wheel drive system Torque on-demand all-wheel drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics
Front suspension Double wishbone, coil springs
Rear suspension Integral Link, coil springs
Steering Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) rack and pinion; variable ratio
Front Brakes Four-piston fixed caliper; 395mm two-piece vented disc
Rear Brakes Single-piston sliding caliper; 396mm two-piece vented disc
0-60mph (sec) 3.8
0-100km/h (sec) 4.0
Top speed mph (km/h) 178 (286)
Fuel consumption mpg (litres/100km)
EU WLTP (TEH) combined
23.1 (12.2)
CO2 emissions (g/km)
EU WLTP (TEH) combined