F9R Concept Supercar Update

By Author: admin, Date: Dec 12, 2019


Two seat build-it-yourself sports car developed as our latest generation spaceframe chassis. Sub 2,400 lbs. target vehicle weight, 104″ wheelbase, 78″ body width, and 46″ overall height. Full carbon fiber body with clear coat finish. Production start estimate late 2020/Q1 2021. Cost TBD.

The front nose is the competition racing nose optimized for cooling and downforce. A separate street nose is designed, but not shown.


At the beginning of 2018, Factory Five embarked on an ambitious project to transition all composite shaping to digital process from the traditional hand-made mold plugs and tools. The car that would serve as the test mule for this process was to be our next generation flagship supercar. We produced a video, and I published a web page dedicated to describing this effort, and the car at the time was described as the GTF.

Jim Schenck and Jeremy Luchini benchmark designs.

Jesper Ingerslev began working on the engineering bill of materials for the next generation front engine flagship.

While the GTF design was not selected, the digital design process that began with Jeremy was a success.

From pure CAD file, the first concept car was fully shaped on a 7-axis milling machine which would result in a composite shape that could be used for a mold plug.

By the end of 2018, we had created a full size prototype to prove the digital process, and the resulting car called the GTF was designed by Jim Schenck and Jeremy Luchini (Luchini Designs). I felt strongly that the design and surfacing of the GTF needed more sophistication than SolidWorks software could deliver. I made the difficult decision that the car wasn’t good enough. While the digital process scored an A+, the actual shape of the car needed work.

In the Spring on 2019, I asked car designer Phil Frank to collaborate with Jim Schenck on a second competitive shape to the GTF. Phil is a designer who drew the lines for the Saleen S7 back in 2000. Jim and Phil have spent close to a year on a new design based 100% on the proven digital design process, but using Rhino software.

Designer Phil Frank (left) and Jim Schenck with Ops Manager Nate Johnson (right) review the initial concept #2 as a 1/5 scale model, Summer 2019.

Originally, I intended the second shape to be a competitive option to the first GTF shape. It was soon obvious that the new direction had advantages over the first design, and was resourced in full. Jim and Phil would work on the new design for the remainder of 2019. The new is called the F9 and the F9R, and the original GTF body would not be developed further.

The new F9R chassis prototype at SEMA 2019.

This past November at SEMA 2019, we showed the prototype chassis with a 750 HP V12LS engine that makes 700 lb.-ft. torque and displaces 9.5L!

The chassis will accept small block Ford crate engines and modular Ford Engines as well as the LS-series of engines… and now this exciting V12 American power plant.

Dave Smith (left) discusses the F9R chassis with Jim and Jesper from Factory Five and Phil Frank at SEMA 2019.

We knew that as soon as we showed the rolling chassis with the V12 engine in it that the next question would be, “Well, what does the car look like?” We have applied for trademark and trade dress protection on the new design and name.

CAD file of prototype body shape #2 called the F9R.

Here are the first released images of the final body shape. The dimensions of the car are extremely dramatic. The car is almost 80″ wide and only 46″ high. The actual completed body is due in the first quarter of 2020, and we will be building and testing the prototype this coming Spring and Summer. The body is 100% carbon fiber composite, and is delivered clear coated without needing paint or bodywork.

For as much work as we have put into this design, production is dependent upon body delivery and evaluation, prototype testing, and final feasibility and pricing.

More information at https://www.factoryfive.com/whats-new/f9r-concept-supercar-update/