40,000 days of Bugatti

By Author: admin, Date: Jul 08, 2019

The Bugatti brand is one of the oldest of the automotive world. Since its creation in 1909 by an Italian immigrant named Ettore Bugatti, all the way to its modern era with the hyper sports cars such as the Chiron1 or the Divo2, the constructor has known many events. Today is Bugatti’s 40,000th day of existence and very few automotive brands can say they have lasted this long. How is it possible for La Marque to have survived for so many decades? Well, it is simply because, for each of these 40,000 days, Bugatti was brought to life by individuals, passionate with the precision of their work, the pursuit of perfection and the making of extraordinary cars. In Molsheim, the tradition lives on and the values of Ettore are preserved by the everyday work of each employee.

The first awakening on the area are without doubt the deer who inhabit the Bugatti property of Molsheim. But shortly after, at dawn, Patrick Burk, housekeeper and only official resident of the property, starts his morning round. He checks every aspect of the area, the state of the lawn, the trees, the walls or furthermore the animals Each building is analyzed with precision, a broken light, a bit of dust, a squeaking door – nothing escapes Patrick. Any flaw will be attended to during the course of the day.

As the inspection finishes, still early in the morning, the first workers arrive and the Atelier wakes up. The latter is filled with Chiron or Chiron Sport1 in production, but you can also sometimes see one of the first Divo prototypes. Here, the most luxurious and high performing cars of the world are assembled – nothing is left to chance. Before beginning any assembly, every single screw is inspected with surgery-like precision and often sent back to the supplier because of flaws that even the most experienced worker would have difficulties to see yet didn’t escape the eye of the Bugatti Atelier staff. The production of these cars takes some time, because for every element many hours of manual work are required. The cars are repeatedly tested and analyzed from all the possible angles. A finished car that comes out of the Atelier is close to perfection. The workers’ pace is high, but the atmosphere is positive. Everyone is motivated and passionate about their work.

The day continues, and the other departments of Molsheim start working. Mechanics, logisticians, engineers, designers, the sales team, communicators, accountants, IT specialists – the employees communicate with the whole world, continuously give the best of themselves and contribute to strengthening the exceptional worldwide image of Bugatti. The Molsheim factory is the center of the constructor’s activities, all the management and the directing board, led by the President of Bugatti, plan the company’s future. The breaks are short – the clients, suppliers, journalists need to be attended to. But thanks to the precision, quality and professionalism with which any task is done, the values and the aura of La Marque live on.

At the end of the day, the workers slowly stop their activity, just the same as for the other employees. The cars are stored away and the files closed. Gradually, the Molsheim factory is emptied until only the night guardians close it for the night. Tomorrow, everything starts over and the 40,001st day can begin.