A unique Ferrari has been seen lapping Fiorano today during a brief yet intense shakedown. While the V12 engine note reverberating around the track may have sounded familiar, the car’s arresting looks are unique although guaranteed to strike a chord with the marque’s aficionados. With its Rosso Magma finish and sophisticated racing livery, the new Ferrari Omologata is a clear descendent of Ferrari’s great GT tradition spanning seven decades of history.

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Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” – a one-off car for the anniversary

Bugatti develops unique hyper sports car for a Bugatti enthusiast Molsheim, March 5 2019. The successful continuation of their heritage poses a challenge for traditional companies. Once again, the French luxury brand Bugatti has shown that it can transform these challenges into unique models. With its one-off car “La Voiture Noire1“Bugatti has again proved that it makes the world’s most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive hyper sports cars. [...]

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The Ferrari SP38, the new creation from the One-Off programme

Maranello, May 23 2018 – The Ferrari SP38, the latest offspring from Ferrari’s One-Off programme, has been unveiled at Fiorano where, after the ceremonial handover to one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers, the car was immediately put through its paces in a series of hot laps. Designed by the Ferrari Design Centre on the chassis and running gear of the 488 GTB, this unique car reflects the specific vision [...]

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