2021 Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp: If Atlas Wore Merrells

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp: If Atlas Wore Merrells Words by Brian Griebenow Photos by Jennifer Jensen ATLAS A BIT FURTHER If you are in the market for a reasonably affordable carrier of people, or four-legged-people, or cargo, or a substantial mix of the above, then you are likely aware of Volkswagen’s largest vehicle, the Atlas. If you haven’t yet, check out our complete review of the updated-for-2021 Atlas [...]

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 – Not Ready for Prime Time

The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first all-electric vehicle for mass consumption. The ID.4 leads the charge for Volkswagen’s introduction into electric vehicles and it is incredibly important to the brand. How does it stack up to other EVs currently on the market? We spent a week with the ID.4 to find out.

#TBT: Eight generations of Golf GTI faces

Right from the word go, the Golf GTI—now in its eighth generation—was a cult car. Take a walk through the unmistakable visual DNA of the GTI, and how this has developed over the past half century with commentary from Marco Pavone, Head of Exterior Design for the new Golf GTI.

Volkswagen announces pricing for 2022 Taos

Today, Volkswagen of America announced that pricing for the 2022 Taos compact sport utility vehicle will start at $22,995, bringing an affordable, engaging and spacious new option to the small SUV market.

Volkswagen ID.4 – 2021 World Car of the Year

The World Car Awards recognizes the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and extends our support and recognition of the industry for rising to the many challenges it has faced. For our part, we have limited the reveal of the 2021 World Car Awards winners to an announcement via digital media, on World Car TV (YouTube-

All-electric Volkswagen ID.4 EV completes cross-country drive

Volkswagen of America completed a drive across the U.S. last week with the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 EV. Starting in New York City mid-March, the small team crossed the States on a predominantly southern route, wrapping up the drive on schedule in 18 days in Sacramento, California.

Spring Thaw ft. 2022 Golf R and 2021 ID.4

To celebrate the change in seasons, go along for a joyride in the upcoming Mk8 Golf R and the all-new ID.4 EV on the quickly-melting snow of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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